Friends Only...

Sorry guys!
For safety reasons, All future posts/entries will only be seen by friends only!(: 
I kinda don't want a public blog where anyone can read what I write! So there! My Wishlist and Feedbacks are still public!
I will once in a while put up a public post, but it wont be often! 
Thanks! and Have a nice day! :D

 All future posts/entries will only be seen by friends only!



Its finally here!! :3
*** = want want! 
UPDATED: 7.6.12
Shojo Manga:
  • Otomen 2, 7, 9-11 
  • Stepping on roses 3-7 **
  • The gentlemen's alliance cross 8+ ***
  • Bride of the water god 1-3 ***
  • Chi's sweet home 1-2
  • vampire knight 2-5
  • B.o.d.y 1
  • Az. Baby 1
  • Skip beat 2-3, 8, 16, 20, 27 ***
  • Kitchen princess 1-10 **
  • Sugar princess 1-2
  • Time stranger kyoko 1-3
  • Blank slate 1-2
  • Chi's sweet home 1-3
  • Wild one 4+
  • Black Butler 1+
Shounen Manga:
  • Bleach 22-27, 31-38 40-41
  • Naruto 6-13, 15, 44-49
  • One piece 1, 10-12, 15-16, 45-46, 52-53, 55-56, 59, 64
  • psyren 1-3
  • Death Note 4-7
  • Letter Bee 1-2
  • Drifting Classroom 1-2


Fantasy books... Love or Pride... Cold

You may know all the facts in the world, but does it matter when death is only a thread away? 
I love fantasy books right now! C:
Risking your life for what you love or just because your pride. 
But then would you rather died for love and sacrifice your pride? or Would you go the other way and die proud but lose the one thing you love. It all depends on you. 

I'm being random today (again)
haha, or maybe my cold is being to me...


At the mall for 5 hours today.
Did i mention I'm flat broke? 
          No manga books for the next 4 weeks or even 6! x.x

Have a cold too. It hasn't been the best week. 


You were not there for my birthday...
           When i was in trouble
Or the day you promise you would
It didn't break my heart the you never were serious, 
but the fact that i was nothing more but a quick second option in your life,
when you had no one to turn too. 
Thank god it finally over.


Feeling random
Remembering the past but more looking forward to the coming days
Out with the blues and still planning in the present
Gone, so you got to make the right choices. Even if meaning to make someone/thing unhappy
So forget the bad and remember the happy. 

I'm boreed. 
Green looks cool today. 
FROGS so happens to also be green. lol 
Oddly feeling cold today. In the middle of June too!